10 Quick Tips to start you on Building your Own Dry Stone Wall

There are times when you are bored of watching the same environment outside your house and you wish to make changes. One exotic way to bring some personality into your property is by building a dry stone wall.

As the name suggests, the wall is dry as the stones do not bond with mortar, but rather use gravity’s help and also the hard work and creativity of the builder to stand erect. If built properly; the walls not only look great and increase the aesthetic value of your property but can also last you for years. You may want to take a walk around its perimeter occasionally to check for any misplaced stones.

Luxury house interior. Stone wall with fireplace

Tips to Help You Build a Stone Wall

Select the Type and Color – there are over hundreds of colors and shapes to choose from. If you are lucky enough to have free access to cobblestones, then you are actually saving yourself thousands of dollars! However, for those not so lucky enough, they must put cost into consideration too, and then go for the type and color.

1)      One can also easily enhance the appearance of the dry stone wall by making it into a wall garden. There are bound to be crevices when you start placing differently shaped stone together. These can be used for green plantain. If you want more color, then go for flowering plants that are bound to spread their roots and help hold your wall steady and strong.

2)      Once the budget is finalized, you need to take care of the transportation. Always use a heavy duty truck; if you use a smaller vehicle than it might overturn and the savings you thought you are making by selecting a cheaper transport will never materialize.

3)      See samples of stone wall before starting to erect one. Go around the country and you are sure to find great and innovative ideas that keep the walls standing tall in any kind of weather!

4)      Do not expect your walls to be perfectly flat. This is a common expectation among people who are used to simple concrete walls! It is natural for stone walls have some ins and outs.

5)      As a result of the uneven face, make sure that you provide some leeway in the layout by holding back the wall. This will ensure that your walls don’t end up on your neighbor’s property. You can be doubly sure of this by placing stakes or pins at both ends of the wall you are planning to build. When placing stones, just remember not to cross the string and you will safely stay on your own land. The string will also help you maintain as much a flat face as possible.

6)             Start by placing the base stones which usually are the largest of the lot. This is the norm, but is not mandatory as a lot depends on the shape of the stones too. Sometimes using large pieces randomly in between results in a really interesting design.

7)      Do not use any tools to reshape the stones; just choose the natural shapes according to the best fit.

8)      Turn over each stone multiple times to see which should face should go down, up, inside or outside. The design or the shape or both will be the determining factors in this decision. Edges of outside stones should always face inwards for a better footing as well as a better appearance. Never use round shape stones.

9)      The key thing to ensure is that all stones adjacent to each other must nestle cozily into each other. If there are any crevices, then it should be filled in with earth and smaller stones. This will ensure a great bonding and make the wall more stable.

10)  As you continue building; your skill level as well as your confidence level will increase. Enjoy this feeling but do not be too overconfident or you may make mistakes. Always keep checking for stability as any imbalance can cause serious accidents.

Another trick to make your wall more stable is to finish it off by placing large, flat and broad stones on the top as if capping the wall.

Apart from the dry stone walls, some people also prefer mortared ones where the pebbles or stones are held together by mortar. Moreover, if you want to know more useful information about stone wall then let’s go to the details.